What is TAU?
TAU is a decentralized crypto asset running on Proof of Transaction blockchain.
When to list on exchange?
TAU foundation will list TAU when achieving 1 million users and mobile mining successful.
How many TAU in total?
10 billion.
What is “Proof of Transaction” ?
This is a new consensus protocol to use transaction history to decide the probability of the next miner.
Where can I withdraw my Taucoins?
Taucoin has its own blockchain so there is no need to withdraw unless you are transferring it to another TAU wallet.
Where can I sell/buy Taucoins?
You can buy/sell in P2P groups with escrows for security.
What is ICO price?
TAU did not hold any ICO. 82% of coins will be distributed via airdrops, referral bonuses and bounties.
What is the price of 1 Tau?
The community will set Taucoin's price. How a community member values his Taucoin will determine its value.
How do I earn more Taucoin?
There are more than several ways to earn TAUcoins. Here's a few.
a. Referral System: where you invite your friends via referral. link (unlimited)
b. TAUwork: where you can offer/request your service, hire or get job and TAUcoin will serve as a payment (unlimited).
c. Developer Bounty: where you can participate building TAU only if you have special special skills and abilities from design, creatives and programming.
d. Start-up Bounty: where you can build up your projects based on TAU ecosystem and get rewarded some TAUcoins, (Unlimited).
e. Coinrains: where your activeness on discord and from specific TAU local groups, can be rewarded every day, after every two days or so, (Limited).
f. Medium Article Writing: where your writing skills and abilities can be rewarded based on the content of your articles, (unlimited).
g. More to come.
Will referral bonus end?
It will remain until the end although bonuses will decrease over time as the number of accounts are increasing.